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“you know michelle, all those rappers (on the subject of Kanye and 2 Chainz) don’t like them anorexic skinny girls, they like girls with booty”

my mom (via youngwhiteprivileged)


i got to sleep next to a really sweet boy last night

lets hope i don’t fuck this one up

UPDATE: I might have  fucked it up

boyfriend quality goals: ewan mcgregor in big fish

You're fucking disgusting... Are you seriously asking followers for money to get a fucking tattoo/piercing???? Wtf you don't NEED that.





Naw of course I don’t need it fuck outta here I’m just tryna get my nose pierced who the fuck are you? You want me to give it to some bullshit “charity” that pockets 98 cents to the dollar for marketing purposes??? Fuck outta here mane AND C H I L L

LMAO ur asking for money for a goddaamn piercing come on how broke are u

Extremely??? I got three bucks ha DAMNN YO RELAXXX

at least the kid’s being straight up and not pulling some shady scam, chill yo. I’d make a gofundme just to go clothes shoppingl every month if I knew people would donate 

and then suddenly 

it occurs to me

I’ve slept alone before you